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Golden Kayo

Artist Spot Light

              612 Mazi


Maurice Llutice Golden, Known professionally as Golden Kayo, is an American hip hop song writer and artist from the South side of Milwaukee, WI.  Coming from a rough upbringing with a single mom and eight other siblings, Maurice was only eleven years of age when he started writing poetry with no idea of his versatility and his ability to create music.

It all started in the cafeteria at Pulaski High School where young Kayo was encouraged to participate in a rap battle by a good friend. After turning eighteen, Golden Kayo moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to reacquaint with his long lost father. Kayo then decided to make Minnesota his new home. He began to better his life by entering Minneapolis Community Technical College. Where he later Producer Doc Jay, founder of Total Threat Entertainment. The two then started creating music together and that's when the magic began .

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Doc Jay


Born Randy Jaylee Jacoway, Doc Jay spent his childhood years in Seattle, Washington where academics and sports became his escape from gang violence.  Doc Jay’s love of music has always been since youth and his song writing ability was discovered at the age of 10 when he co-wrote and recorded “Walk by Faith”. In his late teens while working at his father’s record store called “Underground sounds”, Doc Jay was inspired by Tupac, he fell in love with Rap and began recording his own flow.  Separating from his parents at 18, he moved to Atlanta, GA where he carried his love of music to a new level. His perspectives are seen in his writing, which stems from his own experiences and viewing them from the “eyes of others”. 

In Atlanta, Doc Jay received a degree from OmniTech Institute of Technology in Music Production Engineering and he later moved to Minneapolis, MN where he advanced his production knowledge working at B96.3 Radio station and then went on to finished his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Minnesota.

 In 2011, while in college, Doc signed his first single deal with Island Def Jam, he has since then developed his own music management company “Total Threat Entertainment” where he aspires to be a Music Mogul.  Because of Doc Jay’s love of people, music affords him the advantage to share hope and inspiration not only in local markets, but worldwide. Over the years Doc Jay has worked with Grammy awarded engineers and producers such as Robert Lang and Dale Ramsey

Doc Jay has opened for:

  •  Parliament funk a delic

  • Zapp

  • Twister

  • Dj unk

  • Big daddy kane

  • Ludacris

  • T-Pain

  • Outkast

  • Plies

  • Soulja Boy


Daryl Wayne Buckley AKA Recon, grew up in Louisiana, raised in the Church, became a drum major, and then to the Marines. Recon has traveled all over the world, and brought military tactics to the streets through his music. Recon joined Total Threat Music in 2010  where he is currently the A&R Rep , writer, singer, and rapper of Total Threat Music;  bringing old school flavor to new generation of hip hop.


Watson Fanciah Karley better known by his stage name as 612 Mazi, is a Liberian born Minneapolis recording Artist, rapper, and songwriter.

 Born in Monrovia, Liberia, 612 Mazi is the first of two Children and has two half siblings. His Mother (Josephine Helena Karley) is of Nigerian decent. His Father (P. Watson Karley, Sr) is of Native Liberian decent. 612 Mazi met Doc Jay through Golden Kayo in 2018 and has been making music ever since.

Selah C.


Selah Cheyenne Jacoway, also known as Selah C. is a young American rapper, singer, song writer, and actress. Born to Doc Jay and Katrina Nichole, Selah C. was introduced to music at a early age. Selah C performed her first rap at 3 years old and quickly found her love for music. By the age of 10 Selah was performing in church, singing in the choir, and writing music. She is academically sound and artistically gifted, giving her the edge to work some of the most talented artist such as:   Sheila E. , Mint Condition, Andre Fischer, drummer of Rufus and Chaka Khan, Ashley DuBose competitor from the hit show The Voice , and multi talented universal artist Maria Issa.  Selah C. is currently performing and recording new material look for her new up and coming Album called the Daddy Daughter Project.

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